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Just as I ran for it

After three years of break we signed up again. Our strength was renewed; we had new runners and the goal of continuing decades of work: helping needy young people pursue studies since the FUTURE is in their hands. We didn’t have the means to support all the students who had applied for “The Future is You!” scholarship. However, the “Run for It!” program seemed to be a good opportunity to raise money in order to give more students the hope and courage to dream big and to believe their dreams do come true. Among our ambassadors, there were former and current scholarship recipients, as well as enthusiastic volunteers who liked the foundation’s program.

Why is it worth doing this job? This is why: “Not long ago I was one of the ambitious students that the Dr. Verestóy Attila Foundation supported. Without their help I would have no engineering degree, no well-paid job, nor the hope that with stamina and the foundation’s support you can really make it. Now, I want to support them through the “Run for It!” program, hoping that we can help as many students as possible to lay the foundation for their future. Thanks again for seeing the “spark” in me”. (Zsuzsanna Szabina Kovács)

Since 2008, more than 300 students received scholarships, but the number of the supported is higher than this: we bought bus passes to students who commuted; we paid dormitory expenses if there was a need; we also helped with the costs of study trips to abroad, so that our young people could gain more experience, and I could go on and on about it.

Those who have already received support had the chance to experience how much it means when you’re in a hopeless situation and need it the most. They know that now it’s their turn to give, NOT to give it all back, but give as much as they want to in order to maintain the cycle, so we can always help those who are in a financially difficult situation.

The month of October has been about recruiting sponsors. We managed to raise 10 000 lei, but there’s something bigger than this and it gives us a lot of positive energy. I am going to share it with you below:

Former scholarship recipients:

“I surely help whenever I can. I am grateful to the foundation. Thank you! I hope they don’t give up; they have changed many lives for the better.”  (AV)

“I’m happy to be able to help. May God bless them with strength. I wouldn’t be here myself without their support. I hope that many people get a feel for the power of giving.”  (SZB)

“I also received a lot from the foundation. I’m still very grateful. Thank you!”   (EB)

„… now that I finished university and started working, I gladly support the foundation because they also helped me a lot. I wish them strength and I hope they can help many more students.” (EM)

„A few years ago the foundation took under its wings and I can say that their help opened up numerous new opportunities for me. It’s my pleasure to reciprocate their help.” (GT)

„… we are grateful for what the foundation does. Keep up the good work!”  (KESZ)


This is why I don’t give up what I do even if I sometimes face negative feedback beside the positive. For instance, many of the foundation’s former scholarship recipients didn’t bother to answer my message regarding sponsoring.

Thank you to our runners for participating and to our sponsors for the success of this fundraising event!

Melinda Nemes



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