Dr. Verestóy Attila Foundation

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Board of Directors

The founder: Dr. Verestóy Attila


Was born in 1954 in Odorheiu-Secuiesc, he is 62 years old, married. He has a son and two grandchildren; doctor in chemistry, and senator of Harghita county since 1990.







Dr. Hermann Gusztáv Mihály

hermann_gusztavHistorian, doctor in history. Currently leader of Harghita County Traditionalism Source Center part time instructor on Sapientia University and Babes Bolyai University; founder of Areopolisz historical research team.

„I consider it an important thing for the szekely land to dispose a strong and multi-faced young generation. The desired autonomy will worth less in the deficiency of human resource, since the future has to be built and not just dream about it.I take it as a labor of love working for a foundation who’s goal is to give financial support for young intellectuals, undergraduates and students. This is why I am gladly taking part in the activity of this foundation.”




 Dr. Lőrinczi Csaba

lorinczi_csabaInternist head physician at the County Hospital Odorheiu Secuiesc; general editor of a medical informational monthly magazine, INFOMED; founding member of the Rotary Club; managing director of Albert .Sweitzer Foundation in Romania.






Berde László

berdekurator  The priest Bethlen district parish nr.3 was born in 1946 at Sighișoara. He graduated elementary school at Forțeni, where his father was priest. He continued his studies at OdorheiuSecuiesc in the Pedagogical School. “Because my father was a priest, I could not go to high school, so I went to a technical school at Târgu Mureș. My father was transferred to Ditrău, where I had my final exam. After that, I enrolled at the Faculty of Reformed Theology at Cluj-Napoca. I graduated in 1971. I was working at Cecălaca until December 1973 while I took my final exam to become a priest. My father retired in the same year and the parish of Forțen invited me to serve there, where I lived 18 years. In 1992 I took over the Bethlen district parish nr.3 at Odorheiu Secuiesc. We started with a small chapel, but in 1995 we started to use to church of the Bethlen district opened by dr. Csiha Kálmán bishop.” Berde László retired in July 2012, but he still want to be the part of the public life. He has already started to do voluntary work. He confessed about his work as an advisory board member: „ I think that our activity is for the good of others, because we help disabled people, and needy youngsters.”


The team:


Nemes Melinda
managing director



Bencze Mónika
assistant manager



Péter Erzsébet
assistant manager


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