Dr. Verestóy Attila Foundation

"Giving is the best communication"

Goals of Dr. Verestóy Attila Foundation

Our main activity is the material support and assistance for the people in need through educational, hygienic and social applications. Dr. Verestoy Attila Foundation was officially registered on February 19th 2008 at the Court of Odorheiu Secuiesc.

The foundation’s objective is providing material support, help, new opportunities for the local communities, for young people, students, undergraduates, for underprivileged ones, for patients, and for aged ones. We favor the in-service training of the young people working in different areas, and we also offer scholarships for students and undergraduates.

Our foundation considers it important that in his humanitarian and philanthropist work to collaborate with other foundations that are active in the similar areas. Since the treatment of the symptoms in not sufficient in the forming of an acceptable vision, we consider it important the organization of different programs that on long term may ease the social, hygienic and educational problems counting as a stereotype in our community.


Our perspective: We work for a better and more liveable future.

Our mission is to educate a generation sticking to its homeland which feels responsible for the conservation/survival of our region and which is ready to make sacrifices for this aim; to give an example in terms of cooperation, the importance and need of support; to assist non-governmental organisations which involve the disadvantaged in their activity in order to improve their life conditions.

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