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Anasztázia Gáspár

I’m Anasztázia Gáspár, I was born in Odorheiu-Secuiesc, in 5th of January 1997. I live in a children's home named “Szent Család” in Frumoasa. Now I’m a first year student of the Medical and Pharmacy University of Târgu-Mureş, on assistant specialization. Beside this I’m a second year student of the Sapientia Transylvanian University in Public Health Services and Policies specialization.

We found out about you, that you encountered many “smaller-bigger rocks” in your life. What helped you to get through these and stay strong?

What helped me to cross the obstacles on the road was nothing more than self-determination and setting goals, so it was always in me, whatever it is, whatever seems impossible, I'll do it. I feel pretty much managed to achieve what I wanted. In these times helped me a lot that I was around people, who supported and encouraged me to don’t give up, so I'm very grateful to them!

Why did you decide to study at the Medical and Pharmacy University of Târgu Mureş?

Since my childhood, it made my blood boil to work with patients, to be next to them, to help them in the closest possible form, to be a doctor. I've been aging so much that I really want to do this, but how? And when will I be able to do this? I tried my luck in the dental profession that year, but I did not get in, I enrolled at Sapientia University and in that year I came across several things, so I decided on the assistant profession. I do not mind at all, even if I’m studying on two universities at one time. I really love it and all my dreams were to be here.

What is your main dream? What are your plans for the future?

My main dream is to work as a Deputy Assistant and to help a lot of people to give something to patients that is unusual, to do something else for people. For now, it's floating in front of me to get a lot of experience over the four years with successful exams, to be able to stand my own feet after getting out of this system. For me, this is the most important thing and then I can help those people who need it.

What do you do in your free time?

In my free time I’m more with my friends, lately I’m doing sports, because these things turns me off.

We've heard about you being done voluntarily. Talk about this! What do you thing, why is volunteering important?

I’ve done voluntary activity within child protection, when there were various events. For me volunteering is important because we enrich the best and the most effective, as well we gain spiritually far more from people. It is better for me to make someone happy with a smile or my mere presence.

It’s the first time, when you are the Foundation's scholarship. What does it mean for you? How does it help you?

I was very happy when I found out that I became a scholar, I hadn’t have anything like that before so I was very surprised. It feels good to be a scholar, it helps me a lot to get the things I need for the university.

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