Dr. Verestóy Attila Foundation

"Giving is the best communication"

Signing the contract with scholarship recipients

We gave the name “The Future is Yourself!” to the scholarship that was launched in June 2008 after the foundation was newly registered. Since then ten years went by and the foundation was really busy with events, programs, supporting and helping. We tried to help when and where we were needed the most. Besides the sick, the elderly and the disabled, the foundation helped hundreds of students achieve their dreams and instilled the belief that it’s worth it to work hard.

This is the 11th generation receiving the scholarship, but the first to not receive the first monthly support from the senator himself. The event of handing over the scholarships was a pleasure for him every year. Once he said: “This is the beginning of the school year when our paths intertwine. Having the opportunity to connect with so many people (over the years) is a wonderful feeling.”

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