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Orsolya Gagyi

My name is Orsolya Gagyi and I live with my parents and my siblings in Dealu/Oroszhegy where I was born. To primary and secondary school I went in this village. Currently I’m a senior student at the Gergely Kis Baczkamadarasi Reformed College where I’ve been studying natural sciences. I’ve always liked belonging to a community; therefore I aspire to participate in as many different activities as possible in order to get to know new people. This way became the choir of the school and the orchestra part of my life, as well as the youth group of Dealu.

You said that music has an important role in your life. Since when have you been playing on different instruments? Which one is your favorite?

I’ve been playing the guitar for almost six years, though I still feel the need to hone my skills on guitar. Most of the time, I play in the school orchestra during morning services. I like playing the most when I do it as a hoppy or just for fun making others happy. I’m also an enthusiastic member of the village’s all brass orchestra. We took part in a three-year course. Since then we get more and more reputation. During this time I got attached not only to my French horn, but to each member of the community too.

You mentioned that you hadn’t had the opportunity to volunteer, but you would gladly do it. What kind of volunteer activity would you like to do in the future?

I’m still looking for the opportunity to help people. Trying to gather information on volunteering and this is how I heard about the Young Caritas’ “Leave a trace!” program through which we can help elderly. Taking into consideration my abilities and free time I’d like to join to this activity the most. In case this doesn’t work out, I’d still love to make others happy, so Christmas wouldn’t only be my favorite holiday, but others’ as well. This time of the year one has the most chances/opportunities to do volunteer work.

You will be graduating from high school soon. What are your plans for the future?

For the future I don’t have a specific plan yet. I’d like to continue my studies anyway and to choose a course that’s dynamic and through which I will have the opportunity to experience and to learn a lot. One of my dreams is to be part of a university community that allows me to experience as much as possible.

What does it mean for you to be a scholarship recipient of the foundation?

I’m very happy for it; since this community also proves to be loyal that teaches, loves and helps us. Here I also have a chance to get to know new people and face new situations.

Message for the foundation:

Thank you very much! Already the first amount I received helped a lot with school expenses and commuting. The family budget got rid of some expenses and I can start thinking about my future plans and savings.

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