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"Giving is the best communication"

I go to the Salamon Ernő High School in Gheorgheni. I’m in the philology class. I wanted to go to this school already in 8th grade. I have three little siblings; two of them go to kindergarten and they are 3 and 4 years old, and the third one is 2. They live in Sânsimion with our parents. During the school year I stay with my grandparents in Sândominic, because school is closer to their place and I didn’t want to stay in a dorm, therefore I take the bus from there.

The literature is close to you, you write poems. You can share one of them with us.

Yes, I do write poems and I like the literature very much. This is one of the reasons why I’m in this class. I don’t usually show around my poems, but this time I could show you one.


Why sell your soul? Come on!
It is like a book!
Open it. Turn over its pages!
Read and expect only the good...

Decide on what is the most important!
Believe in it, be the happiest.
Because He is great, because He is good!
Let God live in you!

Believe that He helps and loves you!
Since He moved all the rocks…
For you! For me. For us!
Because of Him we are and live…

Never close the book!
Love, worship your God!
Don’t let the evil’s flame
Burn and destroy your soul...

Acknowledge God’s love,
And don’t lose hope.
Because the one that God loves is happy!
And smiles with all his heart!

Protect your heart, your soul!
That is for God in you…
Experience love and absence!
Because He does everything for a reason!

Love the Lord!
Worship the Almighty God!
And His one and only Son,
Because of him you have a life, so love Him!


Thank you for the trust! Nice poem. Besides writing poems you like animals a lot and have a few pets. You also like riding a horse.

Yes, I do like animals very much. I have a dog, a horse and even a parrot. I ride my horse a lot on the field without saddle. This is a leisure activity for me. I like being in the nature.

In your introduction you wrote that you wanted to become a teacher. What kind of teacher? And why teacher?

Yes, I’d like to become a teacher and I hope I will. To be exact, a Hungarian teacher. Partly because my role model is a teacher, and partly because I like working with children.

You’re a member of the Kamilliánus group in Sândominic. Could you tell us about the activities of this group and about your tasks?

I like spending time with the Kamilliánus group a lot. There is a small and a big group. I belong to the big one. We hand out food to the elderly and the poor in Sândominic whenever we can with the support of father Frédi.

How do you see the foundation helps you achieve your goals?

The foundation helps me buy Romanian, English and Hungarian books from which I can study. Unfortunately sometimes the money isn’t enough for the bus and the foundation helps with this too.

What message do you send to the foundation?

Thank you very much for everything. I’m very grateful for the support. This way I hope for a better future. Thank you!

I’m Rita Ilyés, I’m 16 years old, I study commerce in Kós Károly Secondary school. I have a brother called Róbert, I really love him, he's working abroad now. My parents, my mother is selling woman in a shop, my father is seasonal worker.

Do you like to read and watch series, what kind of books or series are you interested in?

I like to read and watch movies / series. Typically I am interested in funny, interesting, romantic books, my favourite books are those written by Laura Leiner.

It was certainly difficult to get used to your hearing aid and to integrate it, but this did not distract you, which is a very honourable thing, you have plans, dreams, tell us about these.

Yes, it was difficult. I do not know my plans yet, but I live with hearing aid and I would like to help others and encourage that it is good and worth taking a very risky operation for our hearing. People who are not in this position obviously do not understand the risk and fear of such an intervention. Because I'm a commerce student, I found out that this profession is not for me, because it requires a lot of attention. I was thinking a lot about what exactly would be good and trying to find a good solution. But I really want to graduate; this is one of my dreams :).

Where would you like to find a job, what do you want to do after the school?

After school, I was thinking a lot about whether to go to university after a successful graduation. Unfortunately, there is no specific idea about this, so I'll think about it after the exams.

How do you see how the foundation helps you achieve your goals?

The Foundation helps a lot, especially in the area of language learning (Romanian), so I can get closer to my goal, to graduation.

Your message to the Foundation

Thank you very much for being a scholar of this Foundation and for helping me! I am very grateful.

I’m Rákhel Lukács, a 15 years old girl. Since 2017 I’ve studied philology on Baczkamadarasi Kis Gergely Reformed College. I do love this school! I have a good relationship with my family.

You really like to read and watch a series. What kind of books and series are those that attract you?...

That’s true. I love fantasy, Jodi Picoult books and my favourites are the Scandinavian crime stories (mostly Joe Nesbo's books). My tastes are quite different from series, but the eternal favourite is the Game of Thrones!

I’m attracted to sports, basketball. Why basketball? What were your options and what are currently your options in this hobby? :)

Actually, my school takes the basketball future seriously (4 trainings per week), but unfortunately, I can’t take part in the trainings because I am a commuter and it would go at the expense of learning. Anyway, because of my height, I decided to go basketball.

In your presentation you wrote that you wanted to be a teacher; do you have a more specific idea of what kind of specialization you would like to be in?

In fact, Hungarian is my eternal love, so if I was a teacher, I would be a Hungarian teacher.

Your message to the Foundation :)

The foundation must thank not only the financial support but also the soul! Thanks for everything, stay so cool!

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