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"Giving is the best communication"

I’m Rákhel Lukács, a 15 years old girl. Since 2017 I’ve studied philology on Baczkamadarasi Kis Gergely Reformed College. I do love this school! I have a good relationship with my family.

You really like to read and watch a series. What kind of books and series are those that attract you?...

That’s true. I love fantasy, Jodi Picoult books and my favourites are the Scandinavian crime stories (mostly Joe Nesbo's books). My tastes are quite different from series, but the eternal favourite is the Game of Thrones!

I’m attracted to sports, basketball. Why basketball? What were your options and what are currently your options in this hobby? :)

Actually, my school takes the basketball future seriously (4 trainings per week), but unfortunately, I can’t take part in the trainings because I am a commuter and it would go at the expense of learning. Anyway, because of my height, I decided to go basketball.

In your presentation you wrote that you wanted to be a teacher; do you have a more specific idea of what kind of specialization you would like to be in?

In fact, Hungarian is my eternal love, so if I was a teacher, I would be a Hungarian teacher.

Your message to the Foundation :)

The foundation must thank not only the financial support but also the soul! Thanks for everything, stay so cool!

My name is Zsuzsanna Simon. I’m a ninth-grader of Marton Aron High school in Miercurea Ciuc, and studying natural science. I like my new school and the new environment, since I got to know many special people and with some of them I have become very close friend. As a resident of the Marton Aron Talent Management Center I found my best friend with whom we are room- and class mates. Her name is Reka Kelemen and she has become an important part of my life.

You have two siblings with whom you have a very close relationship.

As I mentioned earlier, I have two siblings who I love a lot and have a good relationship with. My oldest sister’s name is Tunde. She’s six years older than me and a third-year student at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Targu Mures. My other sister is Eva. She’s five years older than me and studies at the University of Sapientia of Targu Mures to become a horticulturalist. She’s a second-year student at the moment. With both of my sisters I usually have nice conversations and it’s the best when we are all together. I feel I’m a bit more alike Tunde, but actually I’m like a “transition” between them. Tundi and Evi got the foundation’s scholarship too, that’s how I found out about this opportunity.

Not only with your sisters, but with your parents you have an intimate relationship too.

My mother and my father are not only parents for me, but friends too. They both work a lot for us. Unfortunately their work isn’t well-paid, but in my opinion this isn’t an obstacle for us to not be happy. I think I’m very lucky to have been born in this family. In general to those who are my age friends are more important than family. To me this is the other way around.

You take part in many activities, your range of interest is wide and you’re not scared of tough sports either, such as hand ball or soccer.

I like very much doing sports, but unfortunately lately I haven’t had the chance to practice it. I thought I would join the town’s hand ball team, but haven’t tried yet. In the first semester I played soccer once a week, because they organized it in the dormitory. I stopped playing in the second semester, since my leg hurt many times and I thought playing soccer wouldn’t help. I still do free exercises in the evenings before going to bed. I was able to learn again to do the forward split that I couldn’t do for several years. I sometimes play on the flute too. I don’t have my own though, but Reka lends me hers. At home in the weekends I work with animals a lot and never miss to climb on the tree. Now reading is very important to me, because it feels good and I learn from it.

Beside your many-many hobbies, do you have any concrete dream that you would like to follow? Where can you imagine yourself to be in 10 years?

Actually I’d like to become a vet and hope to become acquainted with those animals that I’m afraid of. I’d like to stay home, don’t want to work and live abroad. I think one can find a job here too and people are needed is Transylvania. I hope to have a child in ten years. I’d like three children at least and to live in the countryside.

You were the president of the Student Council in your school. Have you been volunteering in other areas?

In other areas unfortunately I haven’t been volunteering yet.

How does the foundation help you achieve your goals, do you think?

Thanks to the foundation I can live in the dorm, therefore have time to study. With studying I can achieve my goals, so the foundation establishes my future. This way I have all the possibilities to achieve my goals, the rest depends on me and my skills.

Your message for the foundation

I would like to thank the foundation for the support, because it helps not only financially, but motivates me to study, to take action and to help others. The foundation helps to have a living and to learn to live. I will want to thank them by taking action in the future. When I will be working, I will want to support the foundation, so it will be able to give as big opportunities to others as it gave me and my sisters.

  My motto: The gates are open to us, but sometimes we need a helping hand to enter them

My name is Nándor Erős, I’m from Borospataka, Gyimesközéplok, I live with my mother and my 14 years old brother. I am 19 years old, I went to the Áron Márton Főgimnázium, class of natural sciences, where excellent teachers tried to reveal the secrets of (and not only) natural sciences. Currently I am a first-year student at BBTE’s biology specialization.

Why did you decide to apply to BBTE Biology?

The decision on why I chose biology is very simple. Everything started in ninth grade at high school. The most influential was my biology teacher, Mónika Barta. For me, her diction is impressive, and she has had a strong impact on me, because she always tried to communicate the substance with us with the greatest efficiency and precision. She was always open, and helped to solve the problems. At that time I was taught that I would like to be like Her. I would like to pass on my knowledge with such precision and thoughtful sentences.

What do you want to do after completing the university?

After completing the university, I would like to teach and pass on my knowledge to the future growing generation. I would love to work as a teacher, but I can say that it would not be a job or a workplace, but a profession. Furthermore, I would not like to be a teacher, but a good teacher, who is listening to the students and doing good with their classes.

What is your main dream? How do you imagine yourself in 10 years?

In addition to teaching my profession, I would try other biology-related work, such as the field of biological research. In the latter, László Demeter, a biologist and a traditional farmer, who introduced me his research activities, the landmarks and values of field work. That not only has the value of the completed research, but in the meantime you can even get to know more about the values that surround us.

Field biology and teaching in my opinion should always be met, because I believe it is important for the growing generation to be able and open to discovering and appreciating the values in our environment.

Have you done volunteering? Do you think why assistance is important?

I have volunteered in the Pogány-nival Micro-Regional Society within a mentoring program, we carried out scientific work for environmental protection and participated in volunteering as a Junior Scientist. It has great value to me for any voluntary activity because it is selflessly given, acting for some purpose, an invaluable feeling.

At the word of the volunteering, I think of the Dr. Attila Verestóy Foundation, which I owe great thanks to the help so far, because without the help of the Foundation I would not have achieved it so far.  

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