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"Giving is the best communication"

This opportunity is like receiving a bundle before start scaling the stairs of society.


I’m Hunor Barabás from Odorheiu Secuiesc. I’m a first year student at the University of Technology, doing Computer Science. I have a sister.


I: Tell us about yourself.

Hunor Barabár: In my spare time, when I had, I used to go to drama club, do baranta, edit videos or write programs for games. Now I’m studying because there’s enough to study. About myself: first of all I like to contradict and argue. Not because I’m rebellious, but it’s instinctive. Perhaps I should be a lawyer.

Another thing I like is singing.Oh, and acting, as well. Consequently, I might be high-minded and I don’t deny, there’s a chance for that. The worst I left for the end: I rarely say something without sarcasm. I get on people’s nerves.

I: During high school you got involved in numerous programmes. Tell us about these.

Hunor Barabás: Thanks to the drama club I could get an insight into people’s mind. Besides I belonged to somewhere. I felt sorry to leave that the most. Thanks to the baranta I got closer to the traditions and I’ve learnt how to use a few middle-age weapons. I might use the knowledge that I’ve gained here during a zombie apocalypse. I got to know a lot of people, as well. Some of them defeated me, though, as far as one can be defeated by the rules of this martial art. Furthermore, I participated in history contests with my friends. Since it wasn’t mandatory, I studied a lot, as I only like studying something that most of the people don’t know.

I: This is your first year at university. Why did you choose this university?

Hunor Barabás: After 4 difficult years of struggle my brain won against my heart. I’m doing Computer Science mainly, because it has loads of opportunities. I don’t beat around the bush, I would like to grow rich. Not because I want fancy car and big house as this is irrelevant. I’m greedy for power, so I will be able to play Lego with the world. It might sound wicked, but it makes sense in my head.

I: What are your expectations from the university, the university years and from yourself?

Hunor Barabás: I would like to study as much as I possibly can, and make as many friends and memories as possible. I expect from myself to learn to cook. Many times it would be very useful to be able to cook something spending only a few lei.

I: What is your dream? What will you become when you Grow Up?

Hunor Barabás: I have many dreams, but unfortunately there are different roads leading to them. My vision at the moment is that I’ll work for the NASA one day. I can imagine living my life by searching the future habitat of humanity within the concept of the Kepler project as the Earth cannot supply us until the eternity.

I: It’s the first time you’ve applied for the scholarship at our Foundation. What does this opportunity, the scholarship represent to you? In what regards will it be helpful?

Hunor Barabás: This opportunity is like receiving a bundle before start scaling the stairs of society. I feel that it’s filled with everything I need. Not necessarily reflecting to money, but the fact that I can take some weight off my mom’s shoulder.

I: Message for the foundation:

Hunor Barabás: Thank you very much for this opportunity. I’ll do my best in order not to waste it rather than use it for building the foundation of a blossoming future not forgetting where I started.




„I am grateful to the Foundation not only for helping me,but also for making me feel special because I became a member of the scholarship team.”


I am Imre Izabella, 16 years old. I learn philology at the Tamási Áron High School, in Odorheiu Secuiesc. I have a younger sister, she is 9 years old.

We learned from your introduction that you don’t have hobbies, but you really like to go to the field, would you talk about this?
Unfortunately, I don’t have a hobby, I regret it a little bit, but I really like to go to the field, because I have been doing this since my childhood. I went a lot with my family, especially with my father, mostly to do agricultural work, but in my free time we also went to the field or to the forest.

You really love animals, that’s why you would like to be a veterinarian. Where would you like to learn this profession?
I started to like animals, because we’ve always kept animals. I wanted to became a veterinarian since my childhood, but unfortunately I didn’t get into that I wanted to. Because of this my dream may not come true, but I still hope that somehow I will be able to realize it.

What does the volunteer work mean to you?
For me the volunteering means that we voluntarily help and thereby we learn a lot, such as integration, teamwork, unity.

What is your message to the Foundation?
The scholarship helped me in many things, it gave me a secure background. I am grateful to the Foundation not only for helping me, but also for making me feel special because I became a member of the scholarship team.

„I can define in one single word how the scholarship helped me: survival.”


My name is Kertész Norbert andcurrently I am a first year student at the Faculty of Medicine ofthe University of Medicine and Pharmacy in TârguMureș. I am 18 years old and in the next six years I am going to live in Târgu Mureș.When I am at home in OdorheiuSecuiesc I am living with my mother.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I really like to do sports, usually; when I have the possibility I go running, play football or bike. For preparing to the university I tried to cook but it wasn’t a great success. Fortunately nothing exploded.

What are your future plans? In your introduction you wrote that you would like to study in Hungary, but it has changed, why?
My current most important object is to graduate from the University. I will have difficult years, so I have to work hard. Yes, I would like to study in Hungary, but many things have come up. First of all, my preparatory teacher had got sick before we started the preparation. In addition, the structure of the school year was changed unexpectedly and I had only one possibility. I could only have started my studies in Hungary if I had had an early graduation from secondary school. In this situation my diffidence played a role, because I didn’t dare to risk the graduation with months earlier than normally, because I didn’t think that I’m preparing duly. Furthermore, my financial opportunities are limited and here I can finish the university cheaper. So I took a university entrance exam successfully in Târgu Mureș.

And why a doctor? This profession is really stressful and needs great responsibility and ability to concentrate.
I decided long time ago in the elementary school that I would like to be a doctor. I would like to take my life on helping (and it hasn’t changed so far), to make others’ life better and help everyone, whom I just can.That is why I chose this job. I’ve always loved learning, and slowly it became obvious, that this is the best profession for me. After my parents had divorced and my brothers and I remained with my mother, our life wasn’t easy, and without other people’s help we wouldn’t survive. Although in the news we hear just bad things about humans, I saw the good in every people I met and think we have to cultivate this goodness, and the only way for this is to helping others. So the reason I would like to be a doctor is to do more good.

What does volunteering mean for you?You wrote that helping others took an important part in your life.
As I mentioned, it’s important for me to do good for other people. To do good selflessly is the most wonderful thing in the world. It’s an uplifting feeling when you help selflessly to somebody, and you see this person’s smiley. The fact that I did something good and didn’t get back anything just pure happinessmakes me happy.

How did the scholarship help you?
I can define in one single word how the scholarship helped me: in survival. My mother raised my two younger brothers and mealone. I think it’s possible to imagine without difficulty that my family wasn’t in an easy situation. Because of the scholarship I could leisurely continue my secondary school studies, which ended with a successful graduation and matriculation.

What is your message to the Foundation?
My message for the Foundation is: continue this wonderful work for a very long time, because unfortunately I’m not the only person who needs financial support to continue the studies and reach his/her dreams. I’m thankful for all of the foundation’s help. 

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